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Biomedical research on animals Essay - 1734 Words

Heart attacks, bladder failure, and lack of medical cures are all very serious problems that are killing people today. How can doctors learn more about these medical difficulties? Through animal testing doctors can obtain valid results regarding these medical problems and create cures for people with many other medical difficulties. The progression of medicine and the day to day life styles of the general population rely on the ethical practice of animal testing. The alternatives to animal testing are not very valid. â€Å"Artificial testing with computer simulations, have not reached a technological level at which these simulations can be trusted to give a valid results to experiments(3).† Also, human testing has many restrictions and†¦show more content†¦For example a pigs urinary track is very similar to a human’s, a cats throat is similar to that of a child’s and a dogs heart is similar to that of a human’s as well. Currently, artificial bladd er transplant in pigs are being preformed and perfected so that bladder failure is no longer life threatening. People with complete bladder failure will someday be able to receive a new artificial bladder and not die as a result of this fatal medical complication. Pediatricians are using cats for practice as to be able to recognize any complications in the throat of children before future problems can occur. Doctors, by giving a dog a controlled heart attack can keep the dog alive but also study what parts of the heart will suffer the most dependent on where the heart attack occurred. This will allow doctors to be able to prevent future complications for heart attack victims. Yet, what are the alternatives to animal testing besides humans and why are they not as accountable? These alternatives can supplement work with live animals in some cases. â€Å"A tissue cultures for example, can help identify the potential toxicity or medical benefits of chemical compounds in the early stages of investigation. But compounds must also be tested on living systems-made up of interrelated organs and organ systems before they can be tried on human beings(3).† Tissue cultures allow for the study of nerves or establishing how many chromosomes are in the human cell. They can not simulateShow MoreRelatedAnimals Should Not Be Used For Biomedical Research1635 Words   |  7 PagesAnimals have been used from the beginning of time the ancient civilisations used animal testing to find answers to the unknown for example why do animals exist romans greeks simply dissected animals to have knowledge. Now days animals are used to understand basic human biology, so called à ¢â‚¬Å"models† for studying human biology and disease. Improvements in human health, vaccines and medicines. Another type of animal use is for cosmetics. Even though people believe that biomedical research is a wayRead MoreEssay on Use of Animals in Biomedical Research2232 Words   |  9 Pagesprosperity and enlightentment we have the luxory of moral scrutiny -- a luxory that should be fully explored and developed as our only wall against the apparent moral abyss of the rest of the universe. With enough investigation, we will realize that animals must be considered as we decide who deserves rights -- and what they are. There is a fundamental system for establishing rights in others of recognizable consciousness that is (nearly) universal to human beings. Yet, there is significant evidenceRead MoreAnimal Testing Should Not Be Used For Biomedical Research1645 Words   |  7 PagesMillions of animals are used and tested on for biomedical research. Considering this fact, is it really an ethical approach to satisfying the needs of humans? Animals should not be used for biomedical research because the experiments are cruel and inhumane. Although animal testing brings more medical advancement and less human-based experiments, it is an expensive way of researching that produce imprecise outputs and at the same time is a practice of animal cruelty. What is animal testing? Animal testingRead MoreThe Ethics of Animal Use in Biomedical Research Essay1865 Words   |  8 Pagesout of philosophical circle, animals have traditionally been seen as significantly different from, and inferior to, humans because they lacked a certain intangible quality – reason, moral agency, or consciousness – that made them moral agents. Recently however, society has patently begun to move beyond this strong anthropocentric notion and has begun to reach for a more adequate set of moral categories for guiding, assessing and constraining our treatment of other animals. As a growing proportionRead MoreThe Ethics Of Animal Research Essay1588 Words   |  7 Pagesthe use of Animals in Biomedical Research Morally Justified? Animals have been treated immorally since the beginning of time, this is shown by hunting, farming, trapping, testing of products and biomedical research etc. As humans, majority of us claim animals as our resources as we use them for eating, making clothing, (leather and fur jackets, shoes) working animals, as a means of transport, animal testing etc. In this essay I will discuss the use of animals in biomedical research and state whyRead MoreA Research Experiment On Animal Research1353 Words   |  6 Pagesillness or the life of an animal. What are your thoughts right now? The cure or the animal? That cure you need for your child s’ illness was tested on animals in a biomedical research experiment. Hearing this might change someone s mind about animal research. Most people would choose the cure for their child and forget about the animal. The process of biomedical animal research is beneficial to the process of medical research and should be used in the experimental process . Animals themselves are veryRead MoreAnimal Testing Should Be Allowed Because It Improves The Quality Of Human Life Essay1116 Words   |  5 PagesThe use of animals in research continues to be a debatable issue in many developed countries. Many animal experiments make a significant contribution to the human beings. However, some people hold the view that using animals to procure the data and the products in the tests may provoke a large cost and a negative effect on the animals’ health. For those in favour, animal testing should be allowed because it improves the quality of human life and promotes the development of the education. This essayRead MoreThe Animal Being Tested Essay1413 Words   |  6 Pagesmakeup or any other cosmetic item. I look at this situation as if i was in the place of the animal being tested, I sat an dreamt about it for a second, I thought to myself this is horrible and someone has to put an end to this immediately, If it is still going on.This topic h as always been a touchy one for me, Considering the fact I ve been pro animal my whole.When i say that i mean just measly thought of an animal getting hurt or brutally chastised would put me down every time. What led me to feelingRead MoreGenetic Engineering : The Field Of Biomedical Research1710 Words   |  7 Pagesin the world of biomedical research. This practice refers to humans modifying an animals’ genetic component in order to express a particular trait (Dale et al). The scientific community calls the animals produced by this practice as transgenic animals in order to distinguish between its wild type relative. This innovative technology paved ways for medical breakthroughs, along with the expansion of human understanding towards the mechanisms of prevalent diseases. As a result, research in the pharmaceuticalRead MoreA Research Study On Animal Research961 Words   |  4 Pagesunwilling test animals? Or would you ultimately let nature run its course and let your spo use die? Over the years, animal research has led to the development of numerous vaccines and cures that are now used to save lives in several countries across the globe. Scientists and doctors alike acknowledge this and recognize how essential and beneficial animals are in biomedical research. However, before discussing the different views that are associated with conducting biomedical research experiments on

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