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Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 14

Marketing - Essay Example Approximately 25% are sold through salons and the remainder through major retailers. Manufactures can open a chain of salons, which utilize and market their line exclusively, and the consumers are not a focused group. Barriers To Entry: There are few barriers to entry or exit for this product. An initial approval by the FDA is easily accomplished by using pre-approved materials in approved quantities. Exit from the market is not hindered, as assets would be reusable on another product line. Threat of Substitutes: The product may be threatened by a fashion move away from straight hair. This is partially facilitated in a recessed economy as less money is spent on hair care products and the consumer is likely to accept curly hair. Rivalry: There is an intense rivalry in the hair care sector. There are a large number of suppliers selling in a slow growth sector. Most of the products are very similar and are set off only by brand recognition. Customers are free to choose among many brands and the limited market for hair straighteners is not conducive to long term concentrated ad campaigns. There are also low risks involved with abandoning a product line. Production lines and equipment are generic to many products. Strengths: The major strength is that the product works in a matter of minutes, which is faster than our competitors. We also have an approved product and the experience to take it to market. At scale, it can be produced it at a competitive price. Weaknesses: Our major weakness is a lack of brand recognition. This will make it difficult to penetrate the lucrative salon market. We are also faced with a situation that makes it necessary to ramp up sales quickly while having limited advertising opportunities. Exploiting the speed of the product may create an attraction for salons and customers. Opportunities: There is the opportunity to exploit the unique speed at which the product works. This could develop

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The importance of the quest in Homer's Odyssey and Dante's The Inferno Essay

The importance of the quest in Homer's Odyssey and Dante's The Inferno - Essay Example The damned souls populate the chasm, which Dante classifies under Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics, and thus becomes an amalgamation of Grecian hellish myth and a testimony to Aquinas' appropriation of Christian sensibility in Aristotle's Ethics. Virgil guides Dante through the nine concentric circles of Hell., diving into deeper and graver sins, unrepentant, and culminating into absolute evil, as represented by Satan. The journey begins from the Dark wood, and into the Limbo. It is more of a pagan, unbaptised and a coarse yet virtuous crowd like Homer, Horace, Ovid and Lucan (Canto IV), who only repent their seperation from god. In Canto V, one of the seven cardinal sins appear, which is sin under lust. Inhabited by the adultress Francesca, who proclaims to justify her irresistible attraction to Paolo, in a way that evokes the ideology of the immoral Thirteenth century Italian love sonnets, that challenged the power of love beyond anything. The third realm is possessed by Cerbereus, amonster from greek mythology, but attributed with montrous humanity by Dante, who guards the gluttons. The journey also evokes the political tensions of contemporary Florence and the complexity of the whole Guelf-Ghibelline conflict and Florent ine politics that reached its crest in 1300 (ironically the fictional date chosen by Dante for his Inferno). Hatred for papacy, and the belief that Rome is predestined to be the seat of Empire, disillutions the poet about factionalism (symbolically Florence is shown to be divided by the Arno river of the Hell in Inferno) and party politics and makes him search out a way for Salvation through his poem. The political condition of Florence is mouthed by the sinner Ciacco in Canto VI, in the third realm. IN Canto VII, with the beginning of the fourth circle, Dante sees Pluto stationed, a place damned for the avaricious and the prodigal. In a sysiphean way, the group ofmiserly and the wasteful squanderers push weights against each other and start allover again when it smashes on any of the sides. It is a psychological drama represented by the futility that awaits all materials things that we pursue in life. Entering the land of the sloths, thepoet and Virgil cross Styx with the ferryman, Phlegyas, when tey meet the fury of Filippo Argenti, and denied entry by the fallen angels of the city of Dis, and meeting the hellish monsters and the wrath of the furies are granted entrance due to Heaven's intervention. Thesixth circle burns with consuming flames to torture the heretics. Here he meets the famous Ghibelline Farinata delgi Uberti, who was seen as a heretic for potensial opposition against the political lrole of the papacy. Excluded from any form of amnesty and pardon he is damned. This part seeks to voice the poets contest with his own fears about sin against the papacy. The violent, like those commited against people and property,theirown self i.e. suicice and that against God, nature and the art i.e. blasphemers, sodomites and the usurers are punished in the seventh circle, and guarded by